Case Removal Request

If content has been created on this site for the purpose of demonstration, problem diagnosis, or for any other purpose, and that content has either been provided by you through another platform (eg the Google Sites Help Community or Facebook Group), and is not otherwise publicly available on the internet, or if that content is owned by you, regardless of its availability on the internet, you may request that content be removed from this site.

Requests for removal of content from this site will automatically apply to all content pertaining to that case that has been recreated/duplicated for the purpose of demonstration or diagnosis, both created/visible on this site and any other platform such as Google Docs/Sheets, Google Drive, or other file hosting platforms. It should be noted that once this content is removed, all external locations using those files/links as a source may no longer operate properly.

This site has no obligation to keep any content published and it is recommended that you make a copy of your content if you need to use it for a file link (eg in embedded code), especially before requesting it be removed.

To ensure the content you are requesting to be removed was provided by or is owned by you, we ask you to answer as many of the fields as possible.