Page Title Customization

<title>Insert Title</title>

Below is an image of what is referred to as the Page Title:

Currently, the text which takes the place of "Insert Title" (as the Page Title) in the tag above is generated using the following factors:

Site Name - Page Name

See the images below, which clarify what the
Site Name is and what the Page Name is:

If there is noting entered as the Site Name, the text replacing "Insert Title" above will be only the Page Name.

There are instances in which the site owner wishes to display a different text in the Page Title than what is displayed as the Page Name.

An example is a case in which the site owner does not wish to insert a
Site Name into the top left of the site, since the site name may already be included in the logo, or just doesn't necessarily contribute positively to the appearance. However, they still want the Site Name to appear in the Page Title without having to type the Site Name into the Page Name (which would affect the appearance of the Page Name below:

A workaround to this issue would be creating a Link in the navigation bar whose name is the desired Page Name, but that links to a hidden page whose real Page Name is shown as the Page Title, but not in the header since it is a hidden page.This workaround however, is lacking in the following aspects:1) That Link cannot be made the homepage, since links in general cannot be made the homepage. So, whenever a site visitor enters just the domain (i.e. it is impossible for them to be taken to that page automatically (since a link cannot be a homepage, and the page to which it is linked cannot be a homepage because it is hidden).

Since having a different Page Name in the Page Title than in the navigation bar would likely be necessary for every page, the likelihood of it being necessary for the homepage is abundant.

2) Also, subpages cannot be created under a link, thus inhibiting one's ability to use subpages.

Thus a suggested solution is for the developers to allow an avenue to change the Page Title without having to deal with unwanted affects to other areas on the website such as the Site Name in the top left and the Page Names in the navigation bar.

This suggestion was initially made by Josh Bauer, by whom it was also formally written.

If you are a visitor of the site and would like to indicate your support for this suggestion, there will soon be a Google Form below, with which to do so.